Zoid's Quest is Open Source software released under the GPL

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IRC: #projectz

Last Update: 17/09/2004

About Zoid's Quest

Zoid's Quest is a platform game in the style of old console games such as Super Mario World and Sonic the Hedgehog. You must help Zoid on his Quest by guiding him through many worlds containg tricks, traps and monsters. On the way Zoid can collect special magic runes which enhance his abilities and help defend against the many deadly foes. However, for Zoid to use the magic of the runes he must have enough mana to do so. Fortunately, mana is in plentiful supply in the form of bottles of magic scattered throughout the levels - at least at the start! ;)

Currently, nearly all of the games content has been created by me. This includes all of the code, level designs and artwork. However, I am indebted to numerous friends for their contribution to the game's music; I be will providing links to their individual sites soon - go check them out and support them! For more information on how you might be able to help with Zoid's Quest visit the Development section. Note: I am not currently looking for any coders - mainly artists - however this will most likely change sooner rather than later.

Hopefully someone will find this game entertaining! :)